Rainbow Niobium Chainmaille Bracelet
This is a fun rainbow bracelet. It is a direct double link bracelet made with multicolored anodized niobium rings. The weave is called a 2 in 2 weave . Fun to wear, this bracelet has rotating shades and an extender chain making this bracelet adjustable. Colors range from gold to green, to blue, violet, and magenta then to a reddish gold. A single color is unable to be achieved since the method of colorizing is done with anodizing. Electrical current is applied and depending upon the level of voltage used a resulting color is achieved. It is possible to observe slight color changes on most anodized niobium. A peacock hook clasp was made and features a safety notch to help keep the clasp ring intact. The extender adjustment chain was created with black niobium single rings and adds an inch onto this bracelet’s length. A silvery seed bead bauble sits at the ends of the extender. Niobium is a pure metal that does not tarnish, therefore it does not cause irritation on the skin of sensitive individuals Length: 7.5” Extender adjustment chain: 1” Ring size: 5/32