Zebra Pyrene Shell Black White Green and Blue Floating Bead Necklace
Pyrene shells in vivid black and white stripes dominate this pretty floating bead, Tin Cup Style* necklace. These cute shells are accented with black coconut heishe, green and blue African Trade beads, and additional accents of black and silver charlotte seed beads. Pyrene Punctata – dove shell, sometimes called zebra shell, usually spindle shells, are a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Columbellidae, are distributed in the Western Pacific and along Australia. The Pyrene Shells are especially nice since they have been drilled East/West instead of the usual North/South direction, which allows the shells to ride in an upright fashion when knotted on the black griffin silk. This is an over–the-shirt length necklace with shells along the complete length of the necklace exposing their view from every angle. The clasp is a gunmetal colored lobster claw and this necklace has an adjustable length of approximately 1” variance. Length: 20.25 – 21.25” (51.5-54cm) Pyrene shells: ~14mm Coconut heishe: ~6-7mm African trade beads: green 4mm, blue ~2-3mm seed beads *Tin cup necklaces get their name from a Kevin Kostner movie named Tin Cup where the necklace style was showcased on the star Rene Russo. Similar to an illusion necklace which uses a filament suspension giving the appearance that pearls are floating on the neck, tin cup is a suspended bead style that uses a visible silk, with beads knotted in place (stations) along the strand. The silk thread is usually in pale skin