Red Orange and Black Byzantine Earrings
These Byzantine weave earrings are hot; in bright red, orange and black rings, their pattern utilizing the black rings for the connector rings and then alternating the red and orange rings in the weaving pattern. The rings are all anodized and the red rings are a slightly larger size, and a square shape which makes them “PoP” with reflective red shades! And of course, because the rings are aluminum, they're lightweight, too! On a black niobium ring below each earring, a solitary bright red lampwork spacer bead made by Jenelle of Beads and Botannicals dangles. These earrings are connected to black niobium ear wires. Niobium is one of the pure metals and rarely causes an allergic skin reaction. Niobium is very useful for jewelry components because of its hypoallergenic quality. Length: 2.5” Drop: 2” Lampwork beads: ~5x8mm Weave Width: ~7-8mm