Orange and Black Chain Maille Earrings
This pair of earrings was supposed to be the classic Byzantine Weave, but I made a mistake and it looked really neat so I left the mistake in place and made a mate to the earring, replicating the same error…. Upon perusing some examples of maille I came across the something that looked exactly like my error, instantly recognizing the weave that I had made. Guess what? It appears that it is a recognized weave called Box weave. I like that, because the box is one of the next weaves I have been planning to conquer! So if what I have observed is actually what I have done, I couldn’t ask for a better preview! These earrings are short and dainty, but don’t let their small size fool you, they are very cute and visible! The orange rings look like shiny copper and this pattern focus is the orange rings that fold downward. And of course because the rings are aluminum, they're lightweight, too! These earrings dangle from black niobium ear wires. Niobium is one of the pure metals and rarely causes an allergic skin reaction. Niobium is very useful for jewelry components because of its hypoallergenic quality. Length: 1 3/8” Drop: 7/8” Weave width: ~7mm