Chain Maille and Lampwork Bead Earrings
These maille earrings have been made with square tri colors rings of green, blue and gold in the classic byzantine weave. The rings have been placed into a pattern where the green colored connecting rings peek out from inside the blue and gold patterned weave. At the bottom of each earring dangles a small handmade lampwork bead made by Jenelle of Beads and Botannicals on peacock niobium rings. Each was hand picked to match the rings colors and each has visible swirls and depth. The ear wires are anodized blue titanium and black rings connect the chain maille to the earwires. Titanium is a pure metal and is one of the metals that rarely cause skin irritation, so they are especially good for those that have metal allergies. Length: 2 1/8” Drop: 1 5/8” Lampwork beads: 8x5mm