Silk knotted Fluorite Gemstone Bead Necklace
This is a hand tied necklace with beautiful Fluorite beads in all shades including golden shades and bicolor and even tricolor shades. What caught my attention about these beads are their oval cut, predominately in golden based pastel shades. They reminded me of jelly beans, or honey candies. Because fluorite is such a soft stone (a level 4 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness), it does not easily lend itself to be used in some forms of jewelry, especially when sitting next to a harder stone that can chip it away from constant movement, or in certain pieces of jewelry that have a high level of involvement while being worn (bracelets, anklets, and finger rings and extremely long necklaces, for example). Because of this gemstone’s softer qualities the jewelry maker must know their minerals well. Cushioning and knotting help to isolate each piece from harder minerals in come into contact with, including itself, too! The rule is “the harder item (or even the same hardness) always wins” in a clanging contest or even while sitting in a baggie. Therefore in broaches, earrings, pendants and necklaces it can be safely worn if it doesn’t receive the ongoing barrage from swinging too hard and the risk of coming into contact with an item that is harder that this gemstone (as in ultra-long necklaces) or from unfortunate drops to the floor. This is great news because Fluorite is a gorgeous stone that is found in many shades including being layered in shades on a single piece! Colors range from clear to blue and when pink and green are found together in a rich depth they can appear to look like watermelon tourmaline! Fluorite has another great feature and in that it has a natural cubic crystalline structure. Crystal twinning can be found and crystalline phantoms can also be seen in fluorite, all giving it a lovable quality in gemstone selection. This necklace features classic styling found in knotted pearls, with each stone hand knotted in silk. Under each shiny copper bead is a knot that holds each stone in place. Because this necklace is hand tied, you can rest assured that if it were to break, your loss will only be one stone bead, set or one rep of beads and is salvageable (i.e., all of your beautiful stone beads won't bounce away). Larger copper beads detracted from the beautiful fluorite beads, so tiny copper beads were chosen. The knotting involves paying attention to the snug single knots that are hidden beneath the tiny copper beads and not allowing slack line lest the fluorite beads clang against each other or the copper. Each knot had to be single so that the knot would slide easily along the silk, yet be large enough that the copper bead would “snap” over it and not be too loose. So in a sense, the silk was chosen to match the copper bead, and still be fine enough to feed through each bead. The finishing of this necklace is a classic pearl styling, using red French Wire to protect the silk on its pass through of the copper soldered rings that are connected to the shiny lobster claw style clasp. The necklace is a wonderfully long Princess length. Length: 19.25” (49cm) Beads: 12x9mm Copper beads: 2mm