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I've loved and appreciated art as long as I can remember. It wasn't until the last few years that I began to create art. I started making jewelry when I inherited my mother's bead collection. One day couldn't find what I wanted as a focal bead and decided to make my own bead with some polymer clay. From then on, I was addicted! The limitless possibilities continue to intrigue me. I'm no longer satisfied with bead making...I want to try and press the limits of what I can do with clay. Polymer is a choice of medium. It is versatile and has endless possibilities for color, shape and design. As a hospice nurse, my time has been limited for pursuing my love of clay. However, I've still found the time to experiment. I've moved a long way from beads to my current passion for creating small whimsical birds, sea creatures, flyers and experimenting with mixing clay with other media...wire, beads, found objects and even some of my mom's old beads. "Playing with my clay", helps me relax and brings me to a happy place in my heart.