ATOM Collection - Atom - Wine Barrel Ring Pendant Light
Handcrafted from locally sourced wine barrel rings from Napa valley wineries in the heart of California wine country, our exquisite lighting collection will showcase your home or business with a rustic elegance unique to California wine culture. Available in a wide variety of designs and customizable options, our extensive yet singular collection is sure to be the most functional piece of art you own! Our beautiful ATOM is a ringed pendant light made from hand bent (you should see our forearms), recycled wine barrel rings. The pendant globe is approximately 12” in diameter. It looks striking hanging alone or hang it in a group at varying heights for maximum impact. I've always been captivated by the character of these retired wine barrel rings; at quick glance, they're all pretty similar, but when you look closely you start to see just how diverse they are, and how much they've been affected by their life holding a barrel together. Our team of talented artists decided to make a light that celebrates this variety of texture and dimension. Starting with retired Napa wine barrel rings, we cut and shape them into rounds prior to carefully welding them together to make a globe that lets tons of light through but makes a design statement. Some have likened its industrial vibe to steampunk, but its rugged simplicity looks great whether the bulb's on or off. SOCKET: standard socket takes incandescent or LED bulbs rated at 100 watts max and is fully dimmable. INCLUDES: fixture, 6' pendant cord, all mounting hardware and black ceiling canopy. DIMENSIONS: APPROX 12" diameter MATERIAL: Retired Napa wine barrel rings. BULBS: LED or standard bulbs. Fully dimmable. BULBS NOT INCLUDED.