Wine Country Craftsman

Elegant up-cycled furniture, art and decor.

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Paso Robles, CA
Owned By
Michael Weiss
Store Details
Welcome to Wine Country Craftsman! I specialize in creating tables, furniture, art and more out of 60-100 year old retired grape vines from California's premiere wine growing region or retired wine barrels from California's top wineries. My retired grapevines have brought joy to generations of wine drinkers. Though their winemaking days are behind them, their distinctive character lasts on. Decades of careful cultivation combined with the vines natural tendency to create their own whimsical chaos yields striking compositions. With some careful shaping and finishing, each piece becomes a work of art suitable for warming the heart of a true wine lover. After its retirement from wine production, each grapevine is pruned by hand to reveal, preserve and promote the essence of its form in a process that takes over a year. Our wine barrels are sourced from the best wineries in California including Napa, Sonoma, Temecula, Santa Barbara and more. They are dried for a year to insure they are dried perfectly for your project. The result speaks for itself. Each piece has its own character, some seeming to rest in serene meditation, some to dance in playful glee. Look. Touch. The warmth of the wood invites your fingers to trace contours, follow branches, contemplate the flow of life which took a century to express itself in the shape you see before you. I am the only artist in the world who makes tables out of century old vines and these limbs create new shapes with every new angle, beckoning freshly in rich play of dimensions. Like a fine wine, the tables are rich, complex and always offer something new to the senses. What better way to honor your wine? Serve it on a work of art that celebrates the natural forces that created the grape. My awesome staff and I take pride on providing customers with the best quality products, expert personal service and I take enormous joy and satisfaction in creating my products and hope that you will find something that you will enjoy and love. Have an idea, we love a fun challenge! Creating custom designs is our favorite thing ever. Well after ice cream. Oh and chocolate. Please let me know what we can design and create for you! All our products are proudly made here in the USA. We are a Green Company and my products are 100% recycled! Thank you and I am excited to design and build for you! Michael
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