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Welcome and thank you for visiting. FEATHER NECKLACE AND EARRING SET LASER CUT--HOLOGRAPHIC LIMITED ACRYLICS PRISMS SHOWN IN HOLOGRAPHIC SEMI-CLEAR PRISM ACRYLIC LIMITED ACRYLIC--THERE ARE OTHER CHOICES ON MENU BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENT EVERY MOVEMENT ALTERS THE FLICKER, CONSTANT CHANGES IN PRISMATICS. Measures approximately 1.5" inches on the Feather Measure 1" on the earring feather and approximately 1.5 including the lever back hooks--will be a bit shorter if choosing French wire hooks PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE HOOK STYLE CHOICE FROM MENU THE CHAIN WILL BE MATCHED TO HOOK COLOR CHOICE A beautiful holographic limited acrylic semi clear and prismatic flickering FEATHER SET The set showing is created with a limited acrylic called HOLOGRAPHIC semiclear PRISMATICS. It is not clear exactly but allows light passage and creates the prismatic geometric flashing on both sides when the piece moves. Just a beauty..graceful and interesting. You may also choose standard colors that are not holographic. Only Holographic mirror and Holographic semi clear are (holographic) all other choices are color solid thanks. thanks for visiting