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CLOCK STAND ONLY---clock stand only CLOCK NOT INCLUDED---CLOCK NOT INCLUDED---CLOCK NOT INCLUDED STAND ONLY--STAND ONLY stand created for the Breitling Wakmann LAST PICTURE IS A MIG SHOWN SO YOU CAN SEE THE BLACK TEXTURED STYLE WHICH YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM MENU military aircraft clocks OF THE 640 A-10A SERIES. A great looking artisan laser created clock stand for those vintage military clocks. This stand measures approximately 6" by 4 1/2" and is created from thick light catching durable Acrylic. Great in ALL colors. Dress up the Desk with this great item and show off the heritage of times past. Great stability in this stand I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS UNLESS MISREPRESENTED. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, MESSAGE AND IT WILL BE ADJUSTED FOR. SEE HOW YOUR STANDS ARE MADE Thanks for visiting