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Welcome--JAZZY FONT--WHIMSICAL AND UNIQUE JAZZY FONT CREATED BY ME (WINDOWVIEWS) A SET OF (THREE)--please let me know the three letters desired in a note and add to cart..thanks This is My JAZZY FONT This is a stunning, Slender, elegant, as well as Jazzy and fun font. This is the only size I will create this in. You may have holes that I preset for the design for screwing letters down to items or Snapback hats, etc. PLEASE USE MENU FOR COLOR PLEASE USE MENU FOR CHARM HOLE DECISION MEASURES: 3 1/2" TALL BY 1" APPROX WIDE PER LETTER-- EACH LETTER IS SLEEK AND PRESENTS ITS OWN PERSONALITY..EACH LETTER WILL HAVE ITS VARIANCES OF WIDTH --BT WILL BE TALL AND SLENDER IN ITS FORM--UNIQUE AND WHIMSICAL! JUST FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT FOR YOUR LATEST BLING JEWELRY- BIG JEWELRY-SNAPBACK SETS-AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! If you wish holographic letter in this please contact for custom checkout Thanks for visiting