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Welcome,--A set of (5) Science charms LIMITED ACRYLIC HOLOGRAPHIC PRODUCTION JUST STUNNING--YOU WILL LOVE LOVE THESE THE LOOK OF JEWELS IN THIS PIECE. PLEASE CHOOSE HOLOGRAPHIC CHOICE FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE HOLE DECISION FROM MENU These are created laser cut from what is called Holographic Clear. The acrylic is clear and works like radiant prisms. There are two forms of the holographic acrylic..The one in the picture is holographic Clear The last picture is Holographic mirror backs. Holoclear=uses light through the piece to push prism colors around in angular directions and shines through--you never see it clear--but it can be seen through as the prism move. .(THIS IS HOLOGRAPHIC CLEAR) in the pictures. THE LAST PICTURE IS HOLOGRAPHIC MIRROR BACK AND PUSHES PRISM DIAMONDS STRAIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF ITSELF AS NO LIGHT PASSES INTO IT. It carries very vibrant prism on one side. YOU MAY ASK FOR EITHER FOR THE ATOMS-- IF YOU WISH NON-HOLOGRAPHIC PLEASE SEE OTHER ATOMS IN THE SHOP. Measures Approx:--2" X 2" in different directions.APPROXIMATELY Beautiful pieces PLEASE CHOOSE CHARM HOLE DECISION FROM MENU (IF YOU CHOOSE NO CHARM HOLE THEN ALL POSITION SMALL CIRCLES WILL BE CLOSED..THIS CHARM IS EASY TO PLACE ON ANYTHING-- WITH OR WITHOUT THE HOLE THROUGH THE ANY OF THE LITTLE CIRCULAR PART ..BUT IN THE PICTURE YOU SEE THE POSITION OF THE HOLE THROUGH. THANKS YOUR CHOICE.. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER ATOMS FOR STANDARD COLORS AND REGULAR MIRRORS.