Heart charms, holographic charms, laser cut charms
Welcome--A VERY DIFFERENT ACRYLIC SHOWN IN: Stunning HOLOGRAPHIC CLEAR PRISM SPECTRUM LIMITED PRODUCTION -create beautiful pieces that are the same illusional look front and back. 10 pieces--Measures 3/4" Laser cut and create from a acrylic that is Holographic SEMI Clear Though it can be seen through it is only done so by altering movements. I have taken pictures of the movements of this acrylic for you to show you how it operates. You will See rich strong vibrant color as the heart is laid on something or on you, and as you move, or pick up the piece it will totally illusion you. Depending on the light type, this ACRYLIC just moves like a Fairy dream. IF YOU WISH THE EXTREMELY BRIGHT HOLOGRAPHIC LIKE IN THE LAST PICTURE, IT IS A GLAZED BACK LIKE MIRROR IS GLAZED AND IS WHITE ON THE BACK, PUSHING THE LIGHT AND FLICKERS FORWARD The last picture is Holographic mirror prism..it pushes light across and straight forward with diamond flashes. Cannot be seen through at all so the illusions of prisms are different in both acrylics Please see the last picture for that. Both are beautiful and you have a choice as to which you prefer for a limited time--until I am out of the acrylic..limited production PLEASE SELECT YOUR CHOICE FROM MENU PLEASE SELECT CHARM HOLE DECISION FROM MENU THANKS