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Welcome-Mythology inspired-- "TWO PIECES" EVERY COLOR CREATES ITS OWN VARIANCES IN HOW IT APPEARS AND USES LIGHT A beautiful gold mirror acrylic laser cut, and laser engraved Medusa drip. Reflections give two forms of light to this piece. It has a hue that seems to go silver as well as the mirror gold shifting across the black engraved highlights. Showing is the emblem on mirror gold engraved to view internally through the piece. Beautiful in any color.. 3" over all size with the srip --2.5" without the drip PLEASE KNOW THAT IT WILL APPEAR DIFFERENT ON DIFFERENT MIRROR COLORS (ALL BEAUTIFUL) IT WILL ALSO APPEAR DRY AND WHITISH CREAMY ON STANDARD ACRYLICS AS ENGRAVINGS DO THIS ON STANDARD ACRYLICS THAT ARE NOT MIRROR. Thanks for visiting