snapback letters,holographic,,laser cut letters,initial letters,name plates
12 letters in regular and mirror acrylics 7 letters in holographic--please make note of the that as you select your color PLEASE PLACE A NOTE IN THE NOTE FROM BUYER LETTING ME KNOW WHAT LETTERS YOU DESIRE CREATED BEFORE ADDING TO CART. NOTE--NOTE--NOTE--THIS ITEM IS SHOWN IN RADIANT PRISM. "THIS color changer IS OUT OF STOCK IN THAT PARTICULAR ACRYLIC." PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER COLOR regular color, mirror color or tranparent color-- transparents allow for see through and maintain their hue as the radiant does, but does not change colors so you would need to select your color from menu. THE COLOR MENU SHOWS COLORS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. HOLOGRAPHIC(second picture) IS OFFERED IN THIS LETTER AT A DIFFERENT AMOUNT IS PLACED FOR THAT IF YOU CHOOSE HOLO, (Holographic acrylic is now a limited production-a great piece to have. It has a white back the way a mirror has a silver back and operates with a forward flash push of the prismatic of full spectrum) THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL LETTER IN EVERY COLOR. Welcome--ONE LETTER-- THIS ITEM IS FOR THIS SIZE ONLY PLEASE SEE MY OTHER LETTERS FOR OTHER SIZES AND FONTS FOR BOTH SNAPBACK AND PENDANT LETTERS as well as just great letters for any use.. BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME --STUNNING--STRONG MEASURES: 1 1/2" TALL AND ABSOLUTELY STRONG AND PLEASE VISIT THE OTHER LETTER IN THE SHOP FOR VARIOUS STYLES AND SIZES WONDERFUL FOR MULTIPURPOSE ARTS,-- PENDANTS--NAMES--INITIALS--SNAPBACK HOLES SETS --SO MUCH MORE. PLEASE USE MENU FOR COLOR CHOICE PLEASE USE MENU FOR CHARM HOLE DECISION . THE HOLE SETS ARE 3.5MM --A PERFECT HOLE FOR MANY THINGS IN THE ARTS. Thanks for looking