aircraft clock stand,Elgin 8 day A-11,7 O'clock arm-Military clock,
CLOCK STAND ONLY CLOCK NOT INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8-DAY A-11 7 O'CLOCK ARM CLOCK STAND FOR VINTAGE MILITARY COCKPIT CLOCKS. PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE SHAPE FROM MENU LASER CREATED IN MY SHOP. 8-Day A-11 7 O'clock Arm position aircraft clock from the vintage era. A beautifully artisan crafted laser created Acrylic Aircraft Clock Stand for your vintage military clocks. A desktop gift that is sure to create a second glance from any collector and a great conversation item. Measuring 5 inches by 4 inches --Acrylic that is light catching in both colors. You will love your clock in this stand. thanks for visiting