Snapback letters,3D letters,Impact,mirror letters,laser cut
"6" LETTER LOT Welcome.-letters engraved--the item is not for the wording GOALS -- though you are welcome to purchase letters in your six to create that word. The picture is to show you an example of what the letters look like engraved on various mirror colors. please message letters needed and choose designs from memu PLEASE LEAVE NOTE BEFORE ADDING TO CART AS TO WHAT LETTERS YOU WANT CREATED THANKS EVERYTHING REFLECTS FROM THESE PIECES..THE TREES ARE REFLECTING INTO THIS SET IN MY HAND..THE THIRD PICTURE SHOWS THEM WITHOUT ANYTHING REFLECTING FROM THEM. BUT THEY ARE ALMOST ALWAYS PICKING UP LIGHTS AND CASTING THEM BACK WITH ILLUSIONS BECAUSE OF THE DESIGN. VERY INTERESTING PIECES--JUST LET ME KNOW YOU LETTERS NEEDED Shown with holes for mounting to clothing,SNAPBACK HATS, etc. but can be ordered to your desire from the menu. SHOWN IN ZEBRA--YOU MAY ALSO REQUEST OTHER PATTERNS BELOW. CHECKOUT OTHER LETTERS IN THE SHOP FOR ENGRAVES AS WELL. ENGRAVES SHOWN ARE ON MIRROR COLORED LETTERS. THIS CAN ALSO BE CREATED ON REGULAR ACRYLIC--THE PATTERN WOULD TURN WHITE WHERE ANY ENGRAVE IS ON REGULAR ACRYLIC GIVING A WHITE PATTERN ENGRAVE AND THE COLOR OF THE LETTER REMAINING ALL AROUND. Beautiful and stunning LASER CUT IMPACT letters, engraved to reveal a stunning performance of light indoors and out. zebra thanks for visiting