small old english letters,laser cut letters,Old London font,initial letters
Welcome PLEASE TELL ME THE "14" LETTERS YOU WANT IN NOTE AT CHECKOUT.. IF YOU ONLY GIVE ME A LIST OF 7 THEN I WILL REPEAT THE 7 -ETC THANKS--- TINY "ONE INCH LETTERS" IN OLD ENGLISH other sizes on menu-- 14 LETTERS FOR THIS LISTING --PLEASE MESSAGE LETTERS IN NOTE TO PLACE IN CART. STUNNING LETTERS SHOWN IN MIRROR GOLD---colors on menu Beautiful Old world Old London letters.. Measures in these letters--3/4" to 1 inch approx-- you may message your closest need from those two sizes thank otherwise it will be 1" PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU CHOOSE HOLE AT THE TOP IT WILL BE CENTERED OR IN THE CORNER OF LETTERS THAT HAVE CORNERS SUCH AS "K, W,M, ETC. LETTER "A" WOULD HAVE ONE AT CENTER TOP.. these are not capable of holes in each leg because the letter is not designed to accommodate that in tiny version.. Old English is very different. You can buy the large 2.5 inch old english in my other shop items and have holes created in a fashion for larger work thanks THESE ARE SMALL AND DETAILED AND WILL ONLY TAKE A VERY SMALL HOLE LIKE FOR THREADING OR FOR VERY THIN JUMP RING..THANKS PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU FOR YOUR LETTER PLEASE CHOOSE CHARM HOLE SELECTION PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE WHEN YOU CHECKOUT AND LET ME KNOW THE "SEVEN LETTERS" YOU WANT. thanks