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Welcome---FLOWER ENGRAVED LETTERS SET OF 6 holes in letters if chosen are 3.5mm PLEASE NOTE THAT FLOWER PETAL LOOKS DIFFERENT ON DIFFERENT colors OF ACRYLIC---- FLOWER WILL BE ENGRAVED AND GO WHITE--LIKE PETALS- ON ANY REGULAR ACRYLIC. YOU CAN FEEL THEM AS THEY ARE ENGRAVED ONTO THE FRONT. ONE MIRROR ACRYLIC IT IS LIKE LOOKING DOWN INTO A DEPTH AND IS ENGRAVED ONTO THE BACK SO THE FLOWERS ARE NEVER TOUCHABLE. TWO SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM Engraved with flowers Please choose color from Menu Please choose hole decision from menu Thanks for visiting SHIPPING NOTE: the cart on this site places shipping on each item you place in the cart. They are working on this attribute for changes..My shipping is $3 no matter how much you buy from me as long as everything ships together. I will reimburse all shipping over $3, thanks