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Welcome-- SET OF 12 VARIOUS SIZES IN CREATION a mix of clouds is holographic--the radiant color changer in a couple in the picture there I am out of that particular color. But the flashing prism I have though it is limited worldwide acrylic.. thanks PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE CHARM HOLE DECISION AS WELL PRESENTLY OUT OF THE RADIANT CLEAR SPECTRUM..THANKS BOTH OF THE LIMITED HOLOGRAPHIC ACRYLICS ARE AVAILABLE-\ SHOWN IN THE PRISMATIC CLOUD AND THE HEART. semi clear prism flickers both sides. beautiful illusions THE LAST PICTURE holographic mirror..(some call confetti) It has a white back and pushes the prism flickers forward-changing with every move. creating beautiful illusions. These are just beautiful in these holograph acrylics. A SET OF (10) various sizes from 1/2 inch to about 2 inches on the large ones. Beautiful and vibrant in the sky like a DREAM! PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU PLEASE SELECT CHARM HOLE DECISION FROM THE MENU If you prefer primary colors or mirror colors please see my other CLOUDS listing SHIPPING NOTE: The cart on this site does not differentiate between listings in the cart. My shipping is $3 if shipping together. The cart may calculate each item listing you place in the cart..I am sorry for that. I am sure they will get an attribute working soon. I will reimburse any shipping over $3 unless you wish priority which is $5.90 --then I would reimburse anything over that. Thanks and sorry about this--but I will do that immediately if it happens. FEEL FREE TO USE THE NOTE FIELD BEFORE THE CART AND IT WILL ADD THAT NOTE TO THE CART. THANKS Thanks for visiting