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Welcome, thanks for stopping by. Three piece set Solid tennis rackets with detail a set of Tennis Rackets..detailed. These are a combination of two rackets that are attached at the cross in the one piece center. The other is a single tennis racket. there will be two of those You may ask for three single pieces or the set as is from the menu. They measure 2 inches on the single one and 2.5 x 2.5 on the combination one. PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE CHARM HOLE DECISION FROM MENU. "IF YOU CHOOSE HOLE IN EACH HANDLE TOP FROM MENU THAT MEANS I WILL PLACE A HOLE IN HANDLE (AS IN ALL THREE HANDLES) SO PLEASE BE ADVISED OF THAT. that would give the combo one the ability to become a pendant by adding jump rings and chains. if you want one hole in the single and one hole in just one handle of the double, just choose one hole both LAST PICTURE______________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: HOLOGRAPHIC PRISM--LIMITED ACRYLIC--HAS A WHITE BACK THAT PUSHES PRISM FLICKERS FORWARD IN THE PIECES. HOLOGRAPHIC SEMI-CLEAR IS THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES AND FLICKERS WITH EVERY TURN ON BOTH SIDES. (GREAT FOR EARRINGS - KEY CHAINS--BECAUSE THEY MOVE AROUND AND SHOW OFF BOTH SIDES) Thanks If you would like Tennis rackets that are smaller or singles only etc. JUST FILL OUT THE "NOTE" AREA ON SCREEN BEFORE ADDING TO CART THANKS Also: Shipping calculations are not attributed for me here on this site as of yet. I charge $3 for shipping no matter how much you buy as long as it is shipping together. The cart may calculate each item as a shipping, Don't worry about it--I will reimburse any shipping that occurs over $3 thanks