Hand Woven Wire Weave Lucite Bead Pendant / Wire Weave Jewelry / Festival Pendant / Boho Style Jewelry / Faux Turquoise
Handwoven copper wire featuring a lovely marbled blue lucite bead that spins. Pendant measures: Pendant comes with custom length vegan cotton cord. Please leave a note at checkout of the desired length or I will include a 20 inch cord. Materials: German Silver Wire, Plated Copper Wire anf Lucite bead Care: * Do not expose your jewelry to water! Leaving your jewelry in a moist area for hours can cause your item to rust. *Do not bend, untwist, or try to take out the stones. *Spray your perfume before you put your item on. There can be a reaction between the copper and perfume chemicals that might cause an allergic rash on your skin. *If your item becomes dirty, dust with a dry toothbrush. *Avoid sleeping in your jewelry. An active dream or restless night could cause your item to break. *Can be a choking hazard to small children. ************************************************************************************ Thank you so much for spending time browsing my shop. Have any questions? Feel free to contact me. I will try my best to respond as soon as possible. Follow on Instagram and Facebook to see items as i make them or to get first pick on new items. https://www.instagram.com/wickedpixietreasures/ https://m.facebook.com/Wicked-Pixie-2070332516557844/