Christmas Tree Ornament, Felt Penguin Holiday Decoration
This Christmas tree ornament is perfect as a gift for animal lovers, or to add holiday cheer to your home. Except for the beak and feet, the felt pieces are all cut to fit against each other, so they fit together like puzzle pieces instead of overlapping, giving the ornament a sleek and soft feel. The penguins are carefully designed, cut out, and sewn entirely by hand, ready to become a cherished part of the holiday season for you or someone you love. Each one is made individually, and so may differ very slightly from the photo. The penguin is black and white, and sewn with green thread. It has an inner padding layer of 100%-cotton batting, and an attached hanging loop of metallic gold ribbon. The ornament is 4.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide, not counting the ribbon. The ribbon loop is approximately 5-6 inches long. It has a removable fleece scarf. The fleece scarves are all red and black plaid, but may vary in exact pattern depending on where I cut out the scarf from the bigger piece of fabric. Some may also have thin white stripes in the plaid. *This is not a toy. Please enjoy it as a decoration only.