14oz Coconut Soy Wood Wick Candle (Mason Jar Mug)
Our handpoured coconut soy wood wick candles are a welcome addition to any home. We carefully craft every candle we make, and are inspired by our travels, and favorite places. Scent Descriptions Santa Barbara Morning: Gentle hints of lemon pound cake, and vanilla Mountain Rose: Inspired by our hunts for wild rose as children with its notes of rose, cumin, peppercorn, vanilla and more Coastal Orchid: Black Amber, orchid, and a slight hint of musk inspired by trips to the central Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Rainstorm: We like Oregon that much! Hints of jasmine, green leaves, and fresh rain invoke the relaxing sensation of a coastal storm Jasmin Citrus Tea: Create a spa day at home with gentle scents of white tea, mandarin, lemon, and jasmine Mt. Spokane Spiced Cider: Cinnamon, nutmeg, and apple invoke memories of warm fires, and Fall evenings. Unscented: Gentle crackling makes this unscented candle a welcome addition to any home.