Reclaimed Glass Honeybee, Unique Wedding Gift
Honeybee from discarded glass bottles...waiting for the recycled glass honeybee, eh? here you go... ...Imagine Yoko Ono as a Scottish avant-garde--with a sense of propriety, yes?--poor woman's slumping artist, scavenging old glass bottles (Chimay, Jarritos, beer bottles from various ports), with an affinity for honeybees. Perhaps John Lennon would have seen something like this when he climbed the proverbial ladder to see a message waiting for him, yes? aye! Body measures approximately 3 1/4 inches long...wingspan is about 5 inches across...soldered with lead free solder with copper antennae und legs. Of course honey bees are cool...they have a good work ethic, make honey-combs & honey--Hey! we wouldn't be enjoying apples, avocados and almonds without 'em--sumptin about pollination, eh? Sweet. Made to order...allow a couple of days before official send-off...and "don't worry..." Dimensions: Wingspan: approx. 5" Body: approx. 3 1/4"