Blue Elm Leaf  Wine Bottle Glass Earrings, Unique Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, Mother's Day Gift
Mother's Day is just around the corner - Recycled glass from German wine bottle... Auntie Elsie and Auntie Betty both exhaled at the same moment..."They're lovely"...sipping Teltley tea and wiping scone crumbs from the corner of their respective mouths. Of course I was their favorite, eh? I remember the blue on the tea cups and dishes. The lovely shade of blue renders elm leaf shapes, the pieces cut from the side of a German wine bottle, copper foiled and soldered back together with lead free (silver, copper alloy and tin), solder with a copper stem and surgical steel ear wires. If you're looking for a different type of leaf, or different style of bottle to dangle from yer own--don't be bashful about droppin' me a line to get the process percolatin'! Each leaf measures 3/4" x 1 3/8" with a 1/2" copper stem...unfortunately, if you add all the dimensions together you'll be short of a Fellini you'll have to add the subtitles! Thanks to Renee of for a glimpse of her elegant style--sporting her blues! Shipping First Class Package and First-Class International Package...and don't forget, leaves may have subtle differences to mirror nature--Hooray!