Stained Glass Leaf - Amber Oak Leaf - Amber Beer Bottle - Unique Botanical Gift
Oak leaves come and go, and Old Horizontals are a seasonal barley wine style ale--a hearty brew for the rigors of winter. I squirreled away a few six packs to enjoy during the spring and early summer--salute! While I was walking the perimeter of my estate in the bowels of South Minneapolis, I spied this simple oak leaf--I held it up to the sunlight, and let it fall gracefully to the ground. I cut the leaf from the side of a reclaimed Old Horizontal, carefully tapping out the sections with Ry Cooder's "Into The Purple Valley" playing in the background. The foiling and soldering festivities paired well with Graham Nash's "Wild Tales" and Jeff Beck's instrumental album "Blow by Blow"--dedicated to Roy Buchanan with his pinky finger doing its thing with the volume knob...wwaah, wwah, waaaah... The oak leaf measures about 5" long by 2" wide with a copper stem and ball bearing swivel--made to order with lead free solder.