Stained Glass Owl on Flowering Dogwood Branch
Flowering Dogwood makes the perfect perch for an inquisitive owl. Here's that little stained glass owl you've been pining for...approximately 4 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide as the crow flies. The essential glass pieces are copper foiled and soldered with lead free solder. The detail is hand painted and the owl's claws are copper. Of course everyone knows that the state flower of Virginia (The American President, eh?) is the Flowering Dogwood. But you probably didn't know that the petals that you've been thinking are the flower are actually modified leaves called bracts. The flowering part is a whorl of "small yellow-green structures. Because the actual flowers are so small and relatively dull in color, the large bracts function to attract insect pollinators." This one attracted an owl to peer about the neighborhood looking for the next big thing! The whitish pink bracts are from a hand cast Bullseye glass and are about 2" from tip to tip...the actual flowers are copper wire tipped with lead free solder and hand painted yellowish green. The leaf is approximately 1" long and is upcycled from the side of a discarded beer bottle. The branch is various copper rods all soldered together with lead free solder. Inspiration for the Flowering Dogwood and owl placement by woodworker Cheralyn: