Reclaimed BEErings Honeycomb Earrings, Unique Wedding Gift, Special Occasion
hexagonal honey drops drip, drip, drips from WAG's skilful fingertips blowing bubbly kisses from the shadow of a beer in her attentive curvaceous ear a sensation ripples warm and sweet from her lobes down to her feet and a song of nature she's hearing, a hum of transparent wings nearing whenever she wears her glassy BEErings wordplay dangled by the lovely Cecilia Lind of Noelle whispers in my ear, "Honeycomb amber slubbing Dub..." which practically knocks me over backwards, "What?" That's when a knock arrived at my virtual blue lichen covered door with a drawing of amber colored hexagons configured into honeycomb earrings from with humorous repartee and necklace and bee collage concept, found here... ...and here... A side of a Belgian Rochefort 8 amber beer bottle with a jaunty expression and eager look beckoned me to my work table--little 1/4" hexagons were scored and muscled with finesse from the unyielding sturdy surface, copper foiled and soldered together with lead free solder and dangled 1 1/8" x 7/8" from stainless steel ear wires. RECAP: Reclaimed glass jumps for joy into new adventure--BEErings Honeycomb Earrings! The perfect Unique Wedding Gift, or to mark a Special Occasion, or simple happenstance! Photo credit of film noir star Maria of self portraits