Stained Glass Brook-Trout with Iridescent Glass and Upcycled Beer Bottle Glass
Upcycled glass gets cozy with old school stained glass for my rendition of a brook trout...allow a couple of days before official send-off! Two Hearted Ale from Michigan (the setting for Ernest Hemingway'sThe Big Two Hearted River) offers a slice of amber for the trout belly, and a Belgian Tripel Karmeliet salutes the gill. All the while, Kokomo Glass and Bullseye Glass preside over the scales and iridescence. It's my take on a traipse through the woods and fields, and a favorite fishing hole...onion sandwiches and clear cool water...setting the hook and engaging the trout tango. The trout is copper foiled and soldered with lead free solder, and measures approximately 3 1/2" x 7 1/2". The details are painted with a permanent paint from France, oui? And don't forget, just as in nature, slight variations are to be expected and celebrated--Salut!