Recycled Green Glass - Elm Leaf Earrings - Mother's Day Gift - Mother's Day Jewelry - Eco Friendly Jewelry
Mother's Day gift for mothers that appreciate eco-green leaves... A lovely shade of green from a reclaimed beer bottle is paired with the simplicity of an elm leaf design from a disease resistant elm tree in my backyard--mixed thoroughly, and arriving at this...voila! Due to the handmade nature of these bierings--plus you never see anything exactly the same in nature anyways--your earrings may have slight variations from the ones pictured here--celebrate the differences with a Celebration Ale--Hooray! The pieces are cut from the side of the beer bottle, copper foiled and soldered back together with lead free (silver, copper alloy and tin), solder with a copper stem and surgical steel ear wires. A panel of expert was assembled (Nik of, to determine the proper dangle and other important tidbits. A former Sno-Daze finalist from Rosemount High School back in the early 70s tried on a pair, and after a rigorous stroll through the neighbordhood--dashing to meet a young couple walking a mottled mini-wiener dog, and much ear scratching, belly rubbing and flipping of aforementioned frankfurter--commented, "I can feel the earrings, but they are totally comfortable." Upon further questioning, she said, "Yes, totally!" The Noëlle Line (inspired by the cajoling and prodding of nature, glass and metal dance in a different dimension--jettisoning from fourth to sixth in a single week...don't be the last person on your block to be a part of this urban trend. Order now! and don't forget the subliminals...matching cleavage danglers are sure to be barkin' at their heels! RECAP: Recycled Green Glass - Elm Leaf Earrings - Mother's Day Gift - Mother's Day Jewelry - Eco Friendly Jewelry Leaf Measurements (inches): Width: 3/4" Length: 1 1/2" Copper stem: 1/2" ...unfortunately, if you add all the dimensions together you'll be short of a Fellini you'll have to add the subtitles! Shipping First Class Package and First-Class International Package...if you want it to go Priority, I can send you a revised invoice for the difference.