Reclaimed Glass Honeycomb, Statement Sun Catcher, Unique Home Decor, Unique Beekeeper's Gift
Beekeeper honeycomb with reclaimed glass from discarded Tripel Karmeliet bottles (Options for other glass bottles, for various shades of amber are available), make a lovely statement, to liven-up your home decor! "I'm interested in your reclaimed honey bee sun catcher, but I was wondering if you would be able to make a reclaimed honeycomb sun catcher (same proportions) to go along with it?" Yes! Twenty one 1" reclaimed glass hexagons get cozy, resulting in a honeycomb sun catcher that measures approximately 4 1/2" x 6"'s statement jewelry for the home! Each curvy hexagon is meticulously wrapped in copper foil, and exuberantly soldered together with lead free solder. Middle image shows (L to R) Summit, Leffe and Tripel Karmeliet Discount wink has been applied to this custom order (shipping is USPS International First Class with insurance included)...any combination of ambers that you choose will be exuberantly applied to the honeycomb - Cheers!