Stained Glass Bluegill Sunfish
Bluegill sunfish from stained glass--made to order, allow a week for cobble time... The bluegill cracked open another Two Hearted Ale and contemplated the bright blue edging visible on its gill rakers--"Howdy Mr. Pork Pie Hat," he shouted enthusiastically across the room, "Where you bean?" The so called pork pie hat ambled over, tipping his hat, and in the process somersaulted into a large mouth bass--"Watch out fat head, or I'll feed yer felt to Mr. Muskellunge!" That ended the festive atmosphere just as the girls arrived. The bluegill sunfish is about 7 1/2" horizontal by 5 1/4" vertical, copper foiled and soldered with lead free solder. The body of the fish is cut from an iridescent Kokomo textured, with iridescent cord, and German mouth blown antique (or Bullseye hand cast iridescent) rounding out the ensemble. Perfect for an out of the way corner of the cosmos, sharing a couple of Two Hearteds, and a bowl of spicy cheese curds with your best friend or lover.