Upcycled Glass Linden Leaf and Seed, Unique Wedding Gift
Bottle glass from a Peroni beer bottle and a bottle with Vintners from 1882 (not really from 1882, eh?) on the label conspire to bring you a snap shot from nature--a linden leaf and seed combo... It was sometime after my nephew Billy had wrecked my 1991 VW Vanagon (I'm pretty sure I saw him mouth the words "tranny drop" just before the incident) driving around the block in Farmington, and before he became Winnipeg's phenomenal pedal steel guitar player (thanks to an early dose of a bootlegged copy of "Uncle Brian Sings Frank Luther"). We were standing around on the first floor of my house, customary head nods and squinty eyes to boot, when Billy blurted out, "The basswood is my favorite tree, eh?" He was spearheading some sort of forestry shenanigans in Winnipeg at the time, and wasn't one to be trifled with on the merits of trees. That was a few years back, but this leaf and seed rendering has been rattling around my subconscious since then. Lindens are called basswood in Canada, eh? and Lime in England, hã? Here's the deal on the leaf...it's almost 5 1/2" long by 3 1/2" wide with a 3" long copper rod stem and ball bearing swivel, and the blossom is about 3 1/2" long curled and almost an inch wide. And don't forget, as in nature, slight variations are to be expected and celebrated...made to order, allow a couple of days before shipping.