Brook Trout from The Two Hearted River in Michigan, Statement Necklace, Stained Glass Necklace
Statement necklace with reclaimed glass from a Two Hearted Ale amber bottle waxes nostalgic, contemplating Ernest Hemingway's short story The Big Two Hearted River...made to order, allow a few days for cobble time! I'm back in sixth grade. The feisty librarian at the Hossmer branch library looks up, furrowed brow looking through glasses askance, "What?" I mouth incredulously as Roget's Thesaurus slips from my hands clattering to the floor. "Shuush..." her finger on her lips practically knocks me off my feet as more books tumble to the floor. That's when I realize...I'm infatuated with the librarian. Fast forward to today...another librarian whispers, "I can't imagine a better way to display my Michigan pride and abiding love for the best IPA ever than to have a trout necklace that strongly evokes the Two-Hearted label, AND that integrates a bit of glass from a Two-Hearted bottle...Possible?" This is the culmination of a dizzying array of sizzling repartee back and forth with the usual false starts and steps backward. Just in case I forget, eh? the trout is reversible...that's can be worn swimming upstream or in the shallows! The trout consists of iridescent stained glass from Bullseye Glass and Kokomo Glass with a slice of Two Hearted Ale glass with hand painted details to evoke memories of early morning casts and sets (whatever that means, eh?). Soldered together with lead free solder, the trout measures approximately 3" by 1 1/4" wide with an 18" (let me know at check out if you want a shorter chain...the librarian opted for a 16" chain) sterling silver chain and components utilized for the clavicle dangle. Serve with a little tuba ska and cornbread--Cheers!