Ginkgo Leaf Mobile from Reclaimed Green Bottle Glass, Unique Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift
Green glass from recycled bottles... " reminds me of this long walk I do under the towering arches of summer trees and the lovely variations of greens in the light, laced with blue sky." Imagine blue sky... So, I'm out and about sporting my well traveled Finn Comforts and my favorite Xenotees t-shirt when I spy a ginkgo tree I haven't seen before. There are ginkgoes strewn about everywhere--as I'm leisurely selecting leaves from the ground, a door opens. A large burly fellow begins bellowing, as an enormous Great Dane/Mastiff bounds from his grasp! These are a few of the designs I wrestled from my near death experience. The bottles used for the ginkgo explosion were a Carlsberg Elephant from Denmark, a Grolsch from Holland and a Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic--pass the dumplings and horseradish infuzed sour cream, pleaze. The leaves range in size from 2 1/4" wide to approximately 3 1/4" wide with copper rods five to six inches--perfect to dangle from that little corner of contemplation. Drop me a line if you'd like to begin a surreptitious writ-a-thon (fotos of cats in lingerie are not required), regarding your own leaf mobile. You decide the style, intricacy and number of leaves, color and type of bottles, and I start configuring. Hooray for leaves!