Rabbit Stained Glass Suncatcher, Unique Home Decor, Nursery Gift, Natural History Gift
Rabbit suncatcher to brighten the kitchen, baby's room, rumpus room, tool shed, tree house...wherever a little whimsy is needed. Iridescent glass makes for a wonderful funky animation at night, with the indoor lighting bouncing off its surface, and of course catches the sunlight throughout the day! Herr Hase and Frau Haifisch spent many an enjoyable afternoon at the top of the stairs...reciting Herman Hesse and whistling Brahms. The shark is only a cosmic prop, and not included in this listing. Measurements (as jotted down by Elmer Fudd): a wonderfully, wascally 6 1/2" (tip of tail to tip of nose) x 6" (tip of ear to bend in rear leg)...to simplify...6" x 6 1/2" Assembly: copper foil wrapped and soldered with lead free solder. Variations with similar intricacy are welcome...give me a shout to iron-out the details.