U.S. Army crocheted tartan afghan. Tartan # 6307 in International tartan index. Pattern from Annie's Attic military collection.
U.S.ARMY tartan in crochet. Vertical strips create tartan pattern when woven over and under mesh foundation. 44” x 57.” U.S. Army Tartan: Annie’s Attic Military collection patterns • The colors used in the United States Army tartan represent the uniforms: • Dark blue ( royal blue ) for the original dress uniform • Black for the beret • Light green for the original sniper uniform that is now part of the summer uniform • Buff for the summer uniform • Olive for the combat uniform • Gold for the cavalry The tartan was commissioned by U.S. Kiltmaker Alex Malcolm because the Army was the only branch of the U.S. military that was without its own tartan. The sett ( tartan pattern ) was created by the Strathmore Woollen Company in 2004. It is #6307 in the International tartan index. • The afghan will take 50 hours to complete. I would need 15 Business days to complete your U.S. Army tartan afghan. • Crocheted using Red Heart 100% acrylic yarns • Machine washable and tumble dry • My home is smoke free. • I’m a pet owner, Abby, a beagle • My product has been prewashed • Due to allergies and/or sensitive skin you may want to prewash before using • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting wekeepuinstitches