green fringe dangles soft streetstyle folk art
these pop art earrings have strong textile origins. a little bit native this tassel is wildly colorful-- a luxe organic piece that will really light up your day and bounce that step of yours! measures 3 3/4" long these super light swingers speak to all who listen of spring, the freshness of of a new year, the opportunity that we call luck, and the ever vibrant nature of growth :::::::::::::: __we crave beauty__ is a distinctive offering of rare adornment that incites your inner sensibilities-- sparking Soulful insight and innovation. this restorative Pandora's box of eco luxury accessories awaits you it overflows with universal consciousness re.affirming + connecting you intensely with the unseen--watch! as an aesthetic awareness of *Life and *Beauty comes alive for you like never before. what began as therapeutic experiments in art as defiant resistance to soul-crushing circumstances; has organically formed into a smattering of healing treasures featuring metal I stone I textile these are unique material charms from Earth herself doubly charged with the added task of being bold re-minders of Truth-- reflection of the space of Awakened Heart. __here! your sacred heart's pressing need for a tangibly uncompromising Reality is understood __here! that relentless desire you cherish for that which is Authentic in a seemingly inauthentic world is not only deeply shared but is also lovingly championed at studio.wecravebeauty __and here! much like the lotus that blossoms in the mire a thick determination to focus on the living nature of Beauty is nurtured and sustained. ::::::::::::::::::::