tibet amber fire bead necklace soulful gypset gift exotic luxe hippie wearable art therapy dark femme fantasy tribal gothic
tibet amber fire bead necklace soulful gypset gift exotic luxe hippie wearable art therapy dark femme fantasy tribal gothic *unoriginal (jewelry) is a waste of your Soul's time. wecravebeauty not only exhibits exquisite taste but, values your precious aesthetic sensitivities, and the sacredness of your individual life expression _here and now_ as a fellow Soul traveler. therefore what this studio always offers is rare, Unique, Individual, Artful, Beautiful, Energy-lifting, Expressive, and Boldly simple body adornment. ***this choker helps you to (re)create your life as a highly aesthetic experience. with it you will find yourself stepping gleefully out of the mundane even if before you believed that jewelry was only a utilitarian object and not a tool to infuse the glowing Expression of your Individual Soul's growth and ability. ____________ "exotic entanglements" a melodic mixture of metal beads - this queen like choker features: central chunky faux amber squat tube bead from nepal black soft wood look rounds and a crazily matched (!!) melange of metal tubes, cubes, barrels, flowers, thin slivers, and coils. most with interesting and rare textures and surface elements; fluted, ribbed, dots, raised studs, carved floral, painted black traces of detail... necklace measures 15 1/2" long and is the perfect collar bone-grazing length (see above image as evidence!! + i can make it longer should you need...) thin brass wire cable length makes this adornment a sturdy, comfortable, and feather light piece to wear. *great to layer with your other brass chains! ::::::::::::: __we crave beauty__ is a distinctive offering of rare adornment that incites your inner sensibilities-- sparking Soulful insight and innovation. this restorative Pandora's box of eco luxury accessories awaits you it overflows with universal consciousness re.affirming + connecting you intensely with the unseen--watch! as an aesthetic awareness of *Life and *Beauty comes alive for you like never before. what began as therapeutic experiments in art as defiant resistance to soul-crushing circumstances; has organically formed into a smattering of healing treasures featuring metal I stone I textile these are unique material charms from Earth herself doubly charged with the added task of being bold re-minders of Truth-- reflection of the space of Awakened Heart. __here! your sacred heart's pressing need for a tangibly uncompromising Reality is understood __here! that relentless desire you cherish for that which is Authentic in a seemingly inauthentic world is not only deeply shared but is also lovingly championed at studio.wecravebeauty __and here! much like the lotus that blossoms in the mire a thick determination to focus on the living nature of Beauty is nurtured and sustained. ::::::::::::::::::::