Blue Water Goddess Magic Wand-Made from Willow Wood-Freshwater Pearls-Blue Suede Handle
**Limited Availability, and made to order. PLEASE CONTACT me before purchasing, for estimated arrival date,or customizations. This wand is crafted per individual.** Perfect for the upcoming Yuletide season! Please contact me about deadlines around the busy holidays. This wand is custom made, and can not be guaranteed by any particular date without my pre-approval. Just message me! (This item may or may not be crafted in time for the Winter Solstice or Christmas, so please contact me in advance to find out ship times. If it is not ready for your deadline, a gift-card and notification can still be sent to your recipient, letting them know that their special tool is on it's way soon.) This beautiful wand is made from a Willow branch. The area of our land where we harvest these beautiful branches has been established since 1964. This is an amazing wand for Healing, Divination, Moon and Goddess work, and Watery intuition. After the willow branch is cured, the tip is hand whittled. It is polished slightly by hand. The handle is wrapped in a peacock blue suede, with a deep blue cotton thread intertwined, forming three x’s. The number three represents the Supernatural Triad, the Triple Goddess, and the Empress or Venus in the Tarot. The handle is detailed with three green freshwater pearls. Pearls bring happiness, wisdom, wealth, and promote prosperity, deflects misfortune, protects youth, beauty and health, recuperates and heals a lot of diseases. Blue represents the psychic intuition of water. Willow bark actually soothes, and was chewed by the Native Americans to ease pain. Willow is a traditional wood for wands, used for healing and growth. This lovely wand is a great wand for a special Holiday Gift, and it comes with a blue cotton cloth case for it’s storage, tied with a green bow. Each of these wands is carefully handcrafted to order, and there will be variations from wand to wand in the uniqueness of the branch and the pearls. This wand is approximately 30-32" long. Blessed Be!