Hand Illustrated-Mandala Calendar-Perennial-Wall Poster-2'x2' full color-Soy ink-Recycled heavy paper-Hand Illustrated-Includes 40 page booklet
The calendar is a colorful mandala illustrating the natural cycles of the solar calendar year, including the Sabbats, Almanac moons, and Zodiac. The Calendar Poster is a 2 ft by 2 ft colorful poster that fits on a door. It illustrates the natural cycles of the solar calendar year. It is printed on high quality 100% recycled heavy weight 110 lb paper with soy inks, and it also includes an informative, illustrated 40 page booklet explaining the calendar's contents in detail. One of the best parts about this Calendar is that it's perennial. Meaning... you don't need to replace it, because it applies year after year! This is because it is solar-based, rather than lunar or weekday-based. The images within the panels are all lovingly illustrated by hand in colored pencil. Many laborious hours have gone into making these pictures beautifully detailed. The final image design was assembled and refined digitally. Within the calendar are rings of images, each their own category. From the center out, the Mandala portrays: - The Earth - The Yin and Yang of the Year - The 4 Seasons - The 8 Sabbats of the Pagan Wheel of the Year - The 12 Moons of the Farmer’s Almanac - The 365 days of the Gregorian Calendar Solar Year as well as.. - The 12 Signs of Zodiac in both Tropical and Sidereal positions The purpose of this Calendar is to allow you to easily locate the day of the year and visually deduce where in the seasonal cycle you find yourself on a given day. This Calendar may be of particular interest to those who would like to feel more connected to these natural rhythms. These may be spiritual and magical-minded folks who celebrate the Pagan festivals of the year or perhaps farmers and gardeners who’d like to become more aware of the seasonal cycles. Please note that this calendar was designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere. BOOKLET: What's in the booklet? The accompanying 40 page booklet is a visual and verbal breakdown of the information contained in the Calendar Poster, created to provide a bit of context and background. Jordan wrote and designed this booklet with the thought that he can't be right there with you to explain what exactly it is you're seeing. So the booklet does that for him, and more easily, since many folks are visual learners. The booklet is his way of insuring that anyone who wants to know what it all means has somewhere to start. He also wanted to make sure the Calendar Poster isn't just a pretty picture, but is a practical, useful thing as well. The booklet explains the entire structure and labels of the Calendar Poster for handy reference. The labels on the calendar are small because the goal is to eventually be able to remember the names and dates without needing the labels. Then the image alone is all that's necessary to evoke the information. The more the subconscious memory takes on these patterns, the more your life can be synchronized with the natural rhythms. This poster was publically funded on Kickstarter, by artist Jordan Ososki. You can read about the project in detail and watch a short video at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/calendarposter/the-unveiling-of-the-perennial-mandala-calendar-po?ref=live