Women's Shave Oil Extra Sensitive Extra Smooth & Moisturizing ROLL-ON-Applicator
Viva Organicas Women's Shave Oil not only provides a smooth, irritation free shave,it also moisturizes your skin WHILE you shave with Camellia Seed Oil from the Orient.Viva Organicas Shave Oil also contains Green Tea Extract that reduces skin inflammation and redness.We use a special cold-process to naturally infuse the Green Tea into the Camellia Oil. Switch Your Shaving Cream and Gel for Shaving Oil! Try using our shaving oil for sensitive skin.Our shaving oil moisturizes while you shave which won't dry out your skin.Camellia Seed Oil is known for great moisturing,and green tea has a reputation to ease redness. The Cameillia Seed Oil WITH Green Tea Extract works wonders for facial shaving. We offer our Woman's Shave Oil in the following Essential Oil Fragrances: Orange,Geranium or Lavender. Or you can purchase without fragrance.But whatever type you order,they all contain Camellia Seed Oil with Green Tea Extract.