Hand Drawn Stradivarius Violin Form Using the Golden Ratio
A unique piece of art for your wall or functional luthier schematic, this violin drawing uses only the golden ratio and its derivatives in order to create the lines and curves to exact specifications of a Stradivari violin form. Each one is hand drawn and numbered on the back. This is exact craftsmanship in an effort to be as precise as possible to the master luthier, all drawings are guaranteed to be within 1 mm of specifications. Again, this is not a trace, but a mathematically formed piece, hand-drawn using rulers, squares, and protractors in order to gain the exact correct proportions of a violin. I use the highest quality paper and drawing instruments. The paper can be cut to 16" x 12" or 17" x 11", both of which fit standard frame sizes. Paper options are black, white, or cream; mediums for the drawings are graphite, pen, or charcoal. All of these items can be customized with alternative colors/mediums available upon request. Given the time it takes to complete a drawing, please account for a 3 day turnaround from order date to shipping date. If you have further questions or interest feel free to message me.