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adetunji thomas quarcoo
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Untuckt Since 1983 represents a culture of rule breakers and innovators. To be Untuckt means to be ahead of the pack, someone whose moves are dictated by their own thoughts and feelings. As the founder of Untuckt, I wanted to create a brand of clothing that celebrated the icon within every individual regardless of whether they wore Jordan�s or a pair of $600 loafers. The rules of fashion are outdated and do not properly reflect or represent our culture. At Untuckt, our sole purpose is to bridge the gap between street wear and the world of upscale high end couture. Having been a part of the sneaker culture as both a consumer and business owner for the last 13 years, I wanted to create a brand that not only represents street wear but also has the ability to stand the test of time. As I grew older, my taste began to expand outside the world of street wear into what is considered high end fashion. I wanted to make clothes that represent street wear but also an upscale line which would be a natural progression that reflects my taste for a more refined look. BENIN is my attempt to bridge the gap between both worlds. BENIN to Untuckt, is what Purple Label is to the Ralph Lauren brand. The BENIN line is inspired by one of the greatest empires that ever ruled. The Benin Empire ruled Nigeria between 1400 � 1897. They were specifically known for their world class craftsmanship. Benin became synonymous with producing impeccable artwork by using the finest materials which took an enormous amount of time and skill to create. This sole principle is what drives the BENIN line. Untuckt Since 1983 is a brand for the individual icon. Whether you�re a skateboarder in Japan or a a kid from Brooklyn that embodies that specific swagger known only to New Yorkers, Untuckt is for those individuals who are legends in their own mind.
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