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Hi My Name is Ulysses. I Live in Hawaii on the Beautiful Island of Oahu. I believe any Art or Craft that is Learned and Acquired especially if it\'s Learned from your \"Father\"!!! Such as in my Case. Can and will be Worth more than all the Treasures in the World. You see if you look around quite simply \"Man\" has made \"Mass Production\" of most Products Widespread and Frankly you just don\'t get that \"Personal Touch\" that you get when something is \"Handmade\" !!! So with that said I\'m a \"Weaver\" I like to Weave \"Thread, Line and Rope into Beautiful Works of Art - Three Tiered Versions of the Japanese Glass Floats that well you simply don\'t see anymore also. Most Fishing Vessels nowadays use those Ugly Round Plastic Fishing Floats now. I Hope that I can Convince you that back in the Day these Japanese Glass and Not Only Japanese it was the Europeans too that used Glass Floats Heavily in the 1700 and 1800 Hundreds. Enough said \"Wallah and a Star Was Born\" ! ! ! \"Uly\"