crochet cat plush, fiber art doll, scented, calming, eco-friendly, wool stuffed, black white, soft, cotton, made to order
This eco-friendly cat plush doll is tightly crocheted with a black yarn with white accents. It's complemented with bright yellow eyes, a pink nose, and a sweet personality. You have the option to customize your cat with a calming scent of your choice. Size : Length - 18 inches (46 cm) Stuffing Scents: * Chamomile, USA - Calming, reduces anxiety, helps induce restful sleep * Lavender, France - Calming, reduces anxiety, helps induce restful sleep * Calming Blend - The best of both worlds. A soothing blend of chamomile and lavender. * Unscented Materials: 100% biodegradable cotton yarn 100% eco-friendly wool stuffing plastic safety eyes To create a scented plush, I fill 100% cotton cheesecloth with organic dried flowers, essential oils, and just a bit of wool. My essential oils and flowers are sourced from a small business and are handmade. All of my products are made to order. Please do not hesitate to contact me for customizations. Your only limit is your imagination! My processing times can vary depending on the amount of orders I have in. Please contact me prior to ordering for more precise processing times. Spot clean only.