Cool Cat - Crochet Plush Doll - Scent Infused - Aromatherapy
This Cool Cat measures 9" inches from his ears to the tips of his toes. He is stitched in 100% US grown cotton and stuffed with 100% eco-friendly wool. If you so chose, Cool Cat can be customized with a hand sewn aromatherapy sachet. I fill these fabric sachets with organic dried flowers and essential oils. An aromatherapy doll makes a great bedside companion or a soothing cuddle buddy. * Chamomile, USA - Calming, reduces anxiety, helps induce restful sleep * Lavender, France - Calming, reduces anxiety, helps induce restful sleep * Calming Blend - The best of both worlds. A soothing blend of chamomile and lavender. My essential oils and flowers are sourced from a small business and are handmade. They are made using high quality ingredients from the parts of the world they grow best. Shopping for a young child? This product contains small parts and is not safe for children under 3. Ask me about my child safe 100% crocheted eyes! Cool Cat's coloring can be customized completely to your liking. From a natural two tone, completely solid, calico, tortoiseshell, or maybe something more colorful and fantastic. I can even model your Cool Cat after your own feline friend. All of my products are made to order. Please do not hesitate to contact me for customizations. Your only limit is your imagination! My processing times can vary depending on the amount of orders I have in. Please contact me prior to ordering for more precise processing times. Spot clean only.