1 Pair of Large Monkey Fist Curtain Tiebacks with Full Loop - Nautical tiebacks - Heavy Courtain Tiebacks - Monkey Knot
This 3in monkey fist tieback is quite large and looks wonderful on a heavy duty or thick curtain. It gives a great nautical feel to any room. It's made with a cotton rope, knotted tightly by hand. No hardware is required to use the tieback. The rope goes around the curtain and the knot goes through the loop to secure it. SPECIFICATION: - Quantity: 2 large monkey knot FULL loop curtain tiebacks - Diameter of the monkey knot: approximately 3 in (7.5cm) - Length of the rope - custom: from 16in to 36in (41cm – 91cm) - Color: light creamy white - Material: twisted cotton rope - high quality 100% natural cotton yarns with NO synthetic fillers Each item is made to order so it may be slightly different from the one that is pictured here - but this is what handmade is all about :) WHAT LENGTH DO I NEED? This is not a full-proof method since different fabrics behave differently, but here's one way I found would work best for most. Take a thicker string or even a belt and wrap around the curtain the way you would if they were tiebacks. Mark the point were two ends of the string meet. Take it off and then measure the string between the marked points. Add 2 in to this measurement or more (depending on how much you want the knot to hang beyond the loop). Please, note that the knot itself has a large wooden ball inside and has some weight to it. ORDER PROCESSING AND SHIPPING: All items in my shop are designed and handmade by me. It will take up to 1 week to make your item and get it ready for shipping. All packages are shipped with tracking information available. Contact me if your country is not listed in order to to receive shipping rates. Thank you for visiting my shop and hope you stop by again soon!